Dear Client,

This information is relative to the website and pursuant to Art.13 D. Legislation 30.06.2003, 196 (Code regarding the protection of personal data) and Art. 13 of the EU Regulation No. 2016/679 (General European Regulation on the Protection of personal data).

The Company MEUCCI CLAUDIO, head office in Via Latereto 1/4, Laterina Pergine Valdarno, Arezzo, V.A.T No. IT01939920516, legal representative MEUCCI CLAUDIO, D.O.B 19/12/1972, resident in Via Latereto 1/4  Laterina-Pergine Valdarno, Arezzo, Fiscal Code MCCCLD72T19F65Z, as owner of the website (hereafter ‘The Owner’) therefore informs you that under Art. 13 D Legislation 30.06.2003, 196 (hereafter the ‘Privacy Code’) and of Art. 13, EU Regulation No. 2016/697 (hereafter ‘G.D.P.R’), that your data will be treated in the following manner and for the following purposes.

  1. Subject of Treatment.

The Owner undertakes to protect your personal data in compliance with the applicable data protection laws (Privacy Code and G.D.P.R 12016/679) and such data will be treated with complete confidentiality and  will be transferred to third parties solely in compliance with this policy and with your consent. The personal data is that which is provided by you during the use of, or registration with the website.

Particularly referring to:

  1. Personal data, identity and not sensitive information (e.g. name, surname, fiscal code, V.A.T No. e-mail address and telephone number – hereafter ‘personal data’ or ‘data’) directly submitted by you when registering with the website or for purchase requests for products on sale on the website.
  2. The data which is not directly submitted by you – and which is in any case acquired within the limits of Art. 14, comma 5, of the G.D.P.R – whose transmission is connected to the use of internet protocols (for example: visiting the page, the quantity of data transferred, status messages, number of visits, session ID numbers, IP addresses, URL addresses etc.). The data which reconstructs the course of your visits to the website.


  1. Purpose of data processing.  

Your personal data will be processed:

  1. Without your express consent (Art. 24, parts a), b), c), of the Privacy Code and Art. 6, parts b) and e), of the G.D.P.R) for the following services:
  • To elaborate internal statistics.
  • To suggest functions, products and services which could interest you, to identify your preferences and personalize your experience with our services.
  • Amazon services.
  • To fulfill any tax obligations arising from existing relationships.
  • To fulfill legal obligations under the regulations, legislative laws and other authorizations.
  • To prevent or uncover fraudulent activity, risks and harmful abuse of the website in order to protect the security of our clients.
  • Specific purposes of which you will be informed. When you give your consent to us to use your personal data for specific purposes this may be revoked by you at any time and, in that case, we are obliged to cease using your data for those purposes.
  • To pursue the legitimate interests of the Owner or third parties when using the data under the conditions of Art. 6, part f), of the G.D.P.R.
  • To exercise the rights of the Owner, (e.g. defense in court)
  • To allow other businesses or persons – with whom we collaborate – to be able to fulfill the product orders and send the packages directly either to the persons home or other address as requested by the client, to send paper mail, e-mail and process payments. These third party suppliers will only have access to the information relative to the fulfillment of their product or service ordered by the client and cannot use the data provided for any other motive. Furthermore, these third parties must treat the personal data of the client which they receive in accordance with the rules outlined in this disclaimer and under the applicable personal data regulations. You will be informed every time there is any change in the above mentioned rules and will be able to choose whether you give your consent to allow third parties to view your personal data or not.
  1. Transfer of data outside the European Economic Area.
  2. Every time that personal data are transferred outside the European Economic Area we may assure you that the data will be transferred in accordance with this Privacy Disclaimer and under the rules applied to the treatment of personal data.
  3. Only prior to your specific and unequivocal consent (under Articles 23 and 130 of the Privacy Code and Art. 7 of the G.D.P.R) will the data be used for the following  marketing purposes:
  • To send newsletters via e-mail, commercial communications and/or advertising material about products or services which are different or dissimilar from which you have just bought from the Owner.


  1. The reasons for sharing personal data.

It is necessary to confer your personal data as outlined in point a) for the following reasons:

  • Without the required information we cannot guarantee your registration on the website or to fulfill your requests.
  • The sharing of data as outlined in point b) however is optional. You may decide not to share certain information or to revoke the use of data you have previously supplied for our use. In which case you will no longer receive the newsletterbut can still use our services and maintain your registration on the website.


  1. Processing Methods.

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the operations indicated in Art. 4 of the Privacy Code and Art. 4, No.2) of the G.D.P.R. To be precise the processing functions  in the following manner: collection, registration, organization, conservation, consultation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocks, communication, cancellation and destruction of data. The processing of your personal data is based on correctness, lawfulness and transparency and may be carried out and stored, managed and transmitted by an automated system using the appropriate tools, in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data through procedures which avoid the risk of loss, unauthorized access, illegal use or distribution of the information.


  1. The length of time data is stored.

The Owner will keep the information for the length of time necessary to complete the above operations. The data will be either destroyed or made anonymous after this deadline.


  1. Access to the data.

The personal data kept by The Owner will not be shared, that’s to say that it will not – in any way – be disclosed to unknown persons or for simple consultations. The data can however be shared with the Owners professional colleagues. For example your data may be accessible to:

  • The Owners’ colleagues and persons who are authorized to manage the website and/or provide the relative necessary services (e.g. Customer Services, IT department etc.), in their particular internal roles of personal data processing and/or systems administration.
  • Third party companies or others (e.g. Credit Institutions or Companies which manage either National or International on-line payments for products bought on the website, professional studies, consultants, Insurance Companies etc.) who work for The Owner on an out-sourcing basis and only within the scope of external private data processing procedures.
  • Your personal data may also be shared, with very strict limitations, to people who are entitled to access it under the provisions of the law, state regulations and community regulations.



  1. Communication of personal data.

The Owner can communicate your personal data to supervisory bodies, judicial authorities and others to whom the communication is mandatory by law for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes without your express consent under Art. 24 parts a), b), d) of the Privacy Code and Art. 6 parts b) and c) of the G.D.P.R.


  1. Transfer of data.

The management and conservation of the personal data will be on The Owners server and/or on the servers of duly appointed data controllers located within the European Union, in accordance with Articles 45 and onwards in the G.D.P.R. The servers are actually situated in the European Union. The personal data will not be transferred outside of the European Union. In any case it should be noted that if it becomes necessary to relocate the server either in Italy, the European Union or outside the E.U the relocation will be carried out in deference to Articles 45 and the following in the G.D.P.R. The Owner will in that case ensure that the transfer of data outside the European Union will be done under the applicable laws, stipulating – if necessary – agreements which will guarantee an adequate level of protection and adopting the standard contractual laws provided by the European Commission.


  1. Browsing data.

In the course of the normal functioning of the information systems and software used to run the website some personal data which is implicit in the Internet communication protocols will be acquired. This is information is not collected with the intention of being associated with the interested parties but can however, by its very nature and through processing and association of data held by third parties allow identification of the users (i.e. parameters related to the operating system and the users IT environment). This data is only used by The Owner to obtain statistical information about the use of the website and to check that it is working correctly. They are deleted immediately afterwards. This data may also be used to discover who is responsible in the hypothetical event that computer crimes are committed on the website.


When you use the website the Cookies are held on your computer. Cookies are made up of little text files which are saved on your computer and supply certain information. They are mostly used to make the websites function in the most efficient manner in order to improve the experience of the user, as well as supplying the site owner with certain information. Our site uses Cookies which remain on your computer for different lengths of time. Some expire at the end of each session and others remain for longer so that when you return to our site you benefit from a better user experience. Web browsers allow a certain amount of control over Cookies through the set-up of the browser. The majority of browsers can allow you to either block Cookies or block them from certain websites. The browser can also help you to eliminate Cookies when you close it. You should keep in mind that it might mean that you lose ‘pop-ups’ or ‘favorites’ which you have set. We ask you to check the technical information relative to your browser for further instructions. If you decide to disable or block the Cookies settings or if you refuse to accept Cookies some parts of the service may not function correctly or be notably slower.


  1. Rights of the interested party.

As an interested party you have the following rights as stipulated under Art. 7 of the Privacy Code and Art. 15 of the G.D.P.R. as such you have the right to:

  • Obtain confirmation of the existence of data which concerns you, even if you have not already registered, in an intelligible form.
  • Obtain information about:
  1. The origins of the personal data.
  2. The purposes and processing methods.
  3. Of the logic applied when it is processed with electronic instruments.
  4. Of the identification details of The Owner, managers and designated representatives under Art. 5, comma 2 of the Privacy Code and Art. 3, comma 1 of the G.D.P.R. and any other to whom personal data may be communicated within the State territory.
  • Be able to:
  1. Update, change or, when necessary, add auxiliary information.
  2. Cancel, change to anonymous form or block any information used in violation of the law, including any information which it isn’t necessary to store with regard to statistical analysis.
  3. The attestation that the above procedures and content (a) and (b) have been brought to your knowledge, also to whom the data may be communicated to/disseminated by except, obviously, in the case where to fulfill such procedures proves impossible or involves manifestly disproportionate means in respect of those protected rights.
  • Oppose, in whole or in part:
  1. The processing of personal data for legitimate reasons even though it is within the normal scope of data collection.
  2. The use of your personal data for sending publicity material, market research or commercial communications, automated calling systems, automated e-mailing and/or traditional marketing systems with cold calling or the postal service. Take note that the rights of opposition of the interested party under the points raised in part b) for direct marketing purposes through automated methods also extends over the traditional methods and the interested parties rights to oppose such uses – even in part –  remains the same. Therefore the interested party may decide whether to receive either traditional marketing communications, automated communications or none at all. Where applicable, you also have the rights under Articles 16-21 of the G.D.P.R (Rights of correction, destruction, limitation, data portability and opposition), as well as the right to complain to the Data Protection Guarantee Authorities.


  1. You have the right to ask The Owner for access to your personal data for correction, cancellation, updating incomplete information or limitation of its use; to receive the information in a structured form and legible on an ordinary electronic device; to revoke your previously given consent to use of your personal data at any time and to oppose that use either in part or entirely; to make a complaint to the authorities and to exercise your rights where applicable.

You may exercise your rights at any time by sending a registered letter to MEUCCI CLAUDIO at Via Latereto 1/4 , Laterina-Pergine Valdarno, 52019, Arezzo or by sending a PEC to


  1. Owner, Manager and Appointed Staff.

The data controller is CLAUDIO MEUCCI, owner of the website head office in Via Latereto 1, Laterina-Pergine Valdarno, 52019, Arezzo.

Telephone: +39 339 5934097

Telephone: +39 347 2791258


An updated list of managers and staff is kept at The Owners head office.


  1. Changes to this statement.

The above statement may be subject to change. We would advise you to check it regularly for any subsequent changes or updates.


  1. Place and date:

Laterina Pergine Valdarno. May 2020.